Carrot And Coriander Soup


Carrot And Coriander Soup

Presenting a delicious Carrot And Coriander Soup made with carrots and coriander, a culinary marvel that mixes the flavours of fresh carrots, garlic, and coriander flower. Flavoured with buttery richness, this silky soup is made by perfectly sautéing garlic, onions, black pepper, and bay leaves. The broth gains depth from the inclusion of healthful components like bay leaves and whole black pepper. The carrots and coriander are reduced to a rich puree, which gives the dish a creamy, nourishing texture. This soup is a symphony of flavours, seasoned with salt and white pepper powder, and finished with a garnish of finely chopped coriander. This comforting dish is ideal for a cosy dinner and will wow your taste buds.

Carrot And Coriander Soup


Carrot.(650 grams)

onion. (1 medium sized)

Garlic. (6-8 buds)

green coriander. (1 cup)

butter. (2 tbsp)

Bay leaves. (2 leaves)

Whole black pepper. (1 tsp)

Water. (1200ml)

white pepper powder. (1/2 tsp)

Salt. ( as per taste)


1.Wash the carrots, peel them and cut them into thick pieces. Peel and chop onion and garlic also. Wash fresh coriander, chop it finely and remove the stalk.

2.Heat butter in a vessel, add bay leaves, black pepper, onion and garlic and fry while stirring vigorously for two minutes.

3.Add carrots, coriander stalks and water and let it boil.

4.When the carrots are completely cooked, separate them and put them in a blender to make a fine puree.

5.Reduce the stock by boiling and strain.

6.Take the puree in a vessel and add the strained stock to get the desired consistency. Boil again. Dissolve white chili powder in some water. Add salt as per taste. Add finely chopped fresh coriander.

7.Serve hot.

In summary,this Carrot and Coriander Soup is a flavorful symphony of flavours created by expertly blending healthful ingredients. Every mouthful transports the palate to a place of warmth and nourishment, from the rich depth of aromatics laced with butter to the smooth texture of the pureed carrot and coriander. It's the ideal option for anyone looking for comfort in a bowl because the finely chopped coriander offers a final touch of freshness. This soup is the epitome of a comforting culinary experience in addition to being a mouthwatering treat. Serve this savoury masterpiece hot and enjoy its cosy hug.

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