mango pickle recipe


The Most common way of Making Mango Pickle Recipe          

mango pickle recipe

Is it true that you are desiring a few tart and hot flavors? Look no further, on the grounds that we have the ideal recipe for you - Mango Pickle! Whether you love Indian food or simply love the vigorous flavors, this conventional hand crafted pickle makes certain to entice your taste buds. In this article, we'll direct you through the bit by bit course of making mango pickle, from choosing the ideal mangoes to the mysterious fixings that make it really overpowering.

Involving our mastery in making valid recipes, we'll tell you the best way to work out some kind of harmony of flavors to make a scrumptious pickle that will make them return for more. With a perfect proportion of flavors and a hint of tartness, this pickle is the ideal backup to any dinner.

Thus, focus in and prepare to make your own clump of delightful mango pickle. Get ready for a taste explosion that will make you crave more. We should plunge into the craft of making mango pickle and open a universe of taste and custom.

Elements for Mango Pickle

To make the ideal mango pickle, you'll require the accompanying fixings:

.2 kg crude green mangoes

.200 grams salt

.100 grams red stew powder

.100 grams mustard seeds

.50 grams fenugreek seeds

.50 grams turmeric powder

.100 grams asafoetida

.200 ml mustard oil

Try to choose firm and unripe mangoes for the pickle. The crude mangoes ought to be green in variety and liberated from any flaws or weaknesses. When you have every one of the fixings prepared, how about we continue on toward the subsequent stage.

Setting up the Mangoes for Pickle

Begin by washing the mangoes completely under running water to eliminate any soil or contaminations. Then, at that point, wipe them off with a spotless kitchen towel. Then, cleave the mangoes into little, reduced down pieces. You can decide to keep the skin on or eliminate it, contingent upon your inclination.

In a huge bowl, sprinkle salt over the mango pieces and blend well. The salt assists with drawing out overabundance dampness from the mangoes and furthermore goes about as an additive. Permit the mangoes to sit in the salt for no less than 2 hours, or short-term if conceivable. This interaction assists with improving the flavor and surface of the pickle.

mango pickle recipe

Making the Pickle Masala

While the mangoes are marinating in the salt, we should set up the pickle masala. In a dry container, cook the mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and asafoetida over low intensity until they turn fragrant and discharge their flavors. Be mindful so as not to consume them.

Once broiled, move the flavors to a processor or mortar and pestle and crush them into a fine powder. In a different bowl, blend the red stew powder and turmeric powder together. Presently, add the ground flavor powder to the stew and turmeric combination. This mix of flavors makes a rich and tasty masala for the pickle.

Blending the Mangoes and Masala

After the mangoes have marinated in salt and the pickle masala is prepared, now is the right time to combine them as one. Take a spotless and dry glass container with an impenetrable top. Begin by adding a layer of the mangoes, trailed by a layer of the masala. Rehash this cycle until all the mangoes and masala are utilized.

Try to push down solidly with a spotless spoon to eliminate any air bubbles and guarantee that the mangoes are uniformly covered with the masala. At long last, pour mustard oil over the pickle until it totally covers the mangoes. The oil goes about as an additive and assists with drawing out the time span of usability of the pickle.

Putting away and Developing the Mango Pickle

When the mango pickle is prepared, it's essential to store it appropriately to permit it to develop and foster its flavors. Seal the container firmly and place it in a cool and dim spot, away from direct daylight. Permit the pickle to develop for no less than about fourteen days prior to consuming. During this time, the flavors will merge together and the mangoes will absorb the flavors, bringing about a tasty pickle.

Make sure to give the container a delicate shake at regular intervals to guarantee that the mangoes are equally covered with the masala and oil. The more you let the pickle experienced, the better the flavors will turn into. When the pickle has arrived at your ideal degree of development, move it to the fridge to additional safeguard its newness.

Varieties of Mango Pickle

While the customary mango pickle recipe is without a doubt tasty, there are a few varieties you can attempt to add your own bend to the pickle. The following are a couple of thoughts:

Sweet and Zesty Mango Pickle: Add a tablespoon of jaggery or sugar to the pickle masala for a hint of pleasantness. This variety adjusts the tartness of the mangoes with a smidgen of pleasantness.

Garlic Mango Pickle: Squash a couple of cloves of garlic and blend them in with the mangoes and masala. The garlic adds an additional layer of flavor and intricacy to the pickle.

Green Bean stew Mango Pickle: For the individuals who partake in a hot kick, add some cleaved green chilies to the pickle. The mix of tart mangoes and blazing chilies makes certain to leave your taste buds shivering.

Go ahead and explore different avenues regarding various flavors and fixings to make your own novel rendition of mango pickle.

Serving Ideas for Mango Pickle

Mango pickle can be appreciated in different ways. It coordinates well with practically any Indian feast and can be utilized as a sauce or side dish. The following are a couple of serving ideas:

Serve a spoonful of mango pickle close by a bowl of steaming hot rice and dal for a consoling and tasty dinner.

Add a dab of mango pickle to your most loved sandwiches or wraps for an additional eruption of flavor.

Use mango pickle as a fixing for barbecued meats or fish to add a tart and fiery bend to your dishes.

Blend a spoonful of mango pickle with yogurt to make a flavorful and tart plunge for snacks or as a reviving backup to hot curries.

The choices are perpetual with regards to appreciating mango pickle. Let your taste buds guide you and get innovative with how you integrate this tasty fixing into your dinners.

Medical advantages of Mango Pickle

Notwithstanding its scrumptious taste, mango pickle likewise offers a few medical advantages. The flavors utilized in the pickle masala, for example, mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds, are known for their restorative properties. They help in processing, support resistance, and make calming impacts.

Mangoes themselves are a decent wellspring of nutrients, minerals, and cell reinforcements. They are plentiful in L-ascorbic acid, which fortifies the safe framework and advance solid skin. Nonetheless, it's critical to consume mango pickle with some restraint because of its high salt and oil content.


Making mango pickle at home is a fulfilling and tasty experience. With the right fixings and a little persistence, you can make a container of tart, zesty, and sweet-smelling pickle that will lift your dinners higher than ever. Whether you appreciate it with rice, bread, or as a sauce, mango pickle is a flexible and flavorful expansion to any feasting table.

Things being what they are, the reason pause? Accumulate the fixings, follow the means, and set out on a culinary excursion that will leave you with a container of hand crafted mango pickle that will dazzle your loved ones. Prepare to appreciate the blast of flavors and make enduring recollections with this conventional Indian delicacy.

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